As a sign of commitment of Azzayt Olive Oils within the society to guarantee a high degree of quality and safety in the production of our goods and also the right service to our customers, we are proud to hold the following certifications:


The certification IFS International Food Standard Works on the quality and security of food standards for food companies with the aim of reach the excellence in quality, food safety, client’s satisfaction and a competitive advantage in the market.


It is the certification system that verifies the food quality control regarding to the Jewish biblical laws. This certification is specially aimed at the Jewish consumers of olive oil.


The Organic Farming Certification guarantees that the product has been produced with a 100% natural process without using additives, toxic substances or without modifying any parameter in the whole process, from the farming and harvesting of the goods till the packaging.

The ecologist agriculture certification also guarantees the freshness and the unique taste of the food, respecting always the vital cycle of nature.

Our Organic Farming number of certification is AGR02/ECOAND/144/I-CC-01