Extraction process

In Azzayt Olive Oils we take care of the whole production process of the extra virgin olive oil, from its harvest in the optimum mature point of the olive till the delivery of our products in the respective country. This work has several phases that we explain immediately after.

Procesos de producción

The first step is the harvest of the fruit in its optimum maturation point in the land, between the months of October and February, depending on the weather conditions of every harvest, of the land’s nature and the variety of olive.

The harvest in the right moment will guarantee us to obtain a quality olive oil with the best sensorial features.

The second phase, after the harvesting, is the transportation of the olives to the mill. Once the olives are in the facilities, they are thrown into the reception hopper, where they pass to the conveyor belt to remove the stones, leafs and branches of the trees.

After this the fruits go to the washing phase to finish the cleaning because the olives can still have some dust and mud.

When the olive is already clean it is transported to the scales to know the weight and to get some samples for the analysis.

From the scales the olives will go to the storage hopper for a maximum period of 24 hours to avoid the fermentation of the olive and its quality decrease while the crashing process starts.

The olive’s crashing is the third compulsory step to obtain the olive oil. This process consists in crashing or grinding the olive to transform it into a paste

The fourth stage is the centrifugal process of the paste by spinning where the oily juice is separated from the solids.

Through this process we will obtain three components: pomace, alpechín and olive oil.

The decantation of the olive oil is the fifth stage of the extraction process. It consists in let the olive oil stand in the deposit to get the residues in the bottom and obtain the olive oil in the surface.

After this stage the olive will be storage in large deposits of 50.000kg.

After the extraction, the extra virgin olive oil will be bottled and packed to be ready for its delivery to our customers everywhere in the world