Mision, vision and values

Azzayt Olive Oil’s mission is to contribute to people’s health with the highest standards of food quality. Besides that Azzayt is also commitment to respect the environment through sustainability policies and assist its clients the best way possible.

Its vision is to be recognized as one of the leaders companies in quality olive oil in the national market and also international market by its clients, employees, consumers and all the groups related to the company.

The values of Azzayt Olive Oils are:

Environmental Commitment

Commitment with the environment through sustainable and environmental techniques and an electric generation program for the olive residues.

Employment Creation

Obtain profit in a medium term that have an effect on our employees and in the creation of new jobs, to growing up as a company and help at the same time the growth of the Spanish economy.

Consumer needs

Understand the needs of our consumers in order to offer them better products according to their demands.


Continue with the maximum standards of quality in our products and assure the right compliance of the safety and quality food standards due to the law.

Confidence, Security, Communication and Respect

Reinforce the trust, security, communication and respect of every relation with our clients and employees to create long lasting bonds that allow us to reach the mutual excellence.

Global Understanding

Respect the diversity of cultures and the global understanding trough the conservation of several food standards.

Ethics and Honesty

Encourage the ethics and honesty through our way of working and our communication with the different publics with who we work.


Constantly innovation to offer the best services and our best quality products.