Olive Oil in Bottle

Azzayt’s mission consists in helping the client to enter the market with reliability and consist also in keep a long term relation that benefits both of them.

That is why Azzayt Olive Oils offers a wide range of formats either in glass or plastic for the olive oil in bottle. This range of products include from 20ml bottle, 250ml bottle, 500ml to 5L and 25L bottles. You can take a look to all the Azzayt model’s of bottles in our section Downloads.

Choose for a strong market position; choose for Azzayt Olive Oils brand

Suppliers can benefit from Azzayt Olive Oils strong market position by choosing to sell their product through an Azzayt Olive Oils brand. Working with our commercial team we can help you decide the best course of action for your product.

If you are interested in distribute our products please contact with our team of Azzayt or the team of one of our brands.

Make the difference, create your own private label

Azzayt Olive Oils offers its clients the ability to customize their products with private labels, logo´s and brand information without increasing the cost. With this strategy companies can access to the highest quality olive oil with their own brand and decide over all their actions.

In this case the company will require a minimum quantity that you can ask to our team.