Olive Oil Varieties

There are different categories of olive oils according to the quality of the fruit, the sensorial features and the extraction process.
These categories are: extra virgin olive oil (evoo), virgin olive oil, olive oil and pomace olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil, the maximum category of olive oils, is the natural juice of healthy olives.

In Azzayt Olive Oils we select them to offer the juice in the optimum conditions always fresh and with the best taste. This EVOO it is ideal for any recipe, it doesn’t matter if it is for cooked or raw food.

Virgin Olive Oil

The virgin olive oil also comes from olives but for some reasons like olive condition, crashing moment, etc., the olive obtained doesn’t have the same qualities as an extra virgin olive oil.



Pure or Refined Olive Oil

The pure or refined olive oil, either soft or intense, is a mix of virgin olive oils and refined olive oils. The refined olive oil comes from defective olives or from olives in bad conditions and it is not appropriate for its direct use.

That is why the olive oil has to be refined through an industrial process to correct these imperfections and after that be mixed with extra virgin olive oil to improve the taste. In this process the olive oil will lose some characteristics and natural properties that we could still find in the extra virgin olive oil.

Pomace Olive Oil

Pomace olive oil comes from a mixture of virgin olive oil and refined pomace oil.

This comes from the remains of the olive (olive pits, peel and pulp or pomace) once the virgin olive oil has been extracted.