About Us

About Us

Azzayt was founded at the heart of the Mediterranean olive growing region in 1988 with the desire of growing, producing, and commercializing outstanding Spanish olive oil in all over the world.

The years has turned Azzayt into one of the biggest growing companies in Bulk Olive oil and the passion for creating value has led Azzayt to a new Adventure by expanding its business into producing Avocado Oils. We are not only dreaming but becoming one of the biggest Avocado oil producers in Europe.

And today, with the tradition, experience and trust we inherited from generation to generation over the past 4 decades, we continue our industrial development through our cutting-edge packaging facilities to produce high quality vegetable oils for Food Service and Retail channels.

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Azzayt Brief History

Azzayt was founded in 1988 by Rodriguez family. At Azzayt, we form a group of family businesses passing down its wisdom, tradition, and good work from generation to generation, thus maintaining a unique value in our products.
A young and multidisciplinary 3rd generation team pursues a strategy to become a leading agri-food corporation that produces not only olive oil, but other high quality vegetable oils.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to produce high quality oils by respecting the environment through sustainable production processes and improve life quality of people.

The vision is to become and position ourselves as one of the leading companies in the agri-food sector nationally and internationally.

Azzayt’s values originated from our passion for work and commitment to

Mission, Vision, and Values

Environmental :

We are committed to the environment by monitoring sustainable environmental practices and an energy generation program with olive waste.


Obtain medium-term benefits that have an impact on our workers and the creation of new jobs, to continue advancing as a company and in turn help the growth of the Spanish economy.


Understand the needs of our consumers in order to offer them a broader product portfolio according to their requirements.

Trust, Security
and Respect

Reinforce trust, security, communication and respect in each of the relationships with our customers and employees, to generate lasting ties that allow us to achieve excellence mutually.


Respect for the diversity of cultures and global understanding through the preservation of diverse food protocols.

Ethics and

Promote ethics and honesty through our way of working and our communication with the various audiences with which we deal.


Constantly innovate to offer the best services and the highest quality products.


Continue to provide the highest quality standards in our products and ensure compliance with all food safety protocols required by law.

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