Azzayt is the extra virgin olive oil that comes from Miguelturra, in the province of Ciudad Real (Spain). This area is known for the common variety of cornicabra variety. There are also other common varieties like picual and arbequina.

This olive oil has an apple smell and it is recommended for salads, bakery, meat and a long list of recipes thanks to its burning taste in the mouth.

Don Olé

Don Olé EVOO is a select new brand but at the same time available to every public thanks to the diversity of formats produced.

This excellent arbequina extra virgin olive oil comes from the province of Córdoba, where the best olives are collected for its crashing. Arbequina variety is characterized for its fruity taste of apple and banana and at the same time for its fluency in the mouth and sweetness in palate. It is recommend for the elaboration of mayonnaise, vinegars sauces, salads and a large list of recipes.

Its name and colors were chosen in reference to the Spanish origin of this extra virgin olive oil and its gourmet nature. Thanks to the succeed of this brand in the past year, Azzayt Olive Oils has recently started to produce this evoo also in 2 L and 5 L bottles.

Molino Quintana

Molino Quintana is one of the Azzayt olive oil’s brands with a longer trajectory in the national and international market. This brand offers the following categories of olive oils:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pomace Olive Oil

The common varieties of Córdoba, where we can find the crashing mill, are arbequina, picudo, hojiblanca and picual variety.

La Cosecha 100


La Cosecha 100 “Legendary olive oil” is an olive oil produced in Adamuz, Córdoba. In this brand we find two categories, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Pure Olive Oil, obtained from the olive varieties of this area: Picual, Nevadillo Negro, Arbequina, Picudo and Carrasqueño de la Sierra.

Picual and Nevadillo Negro are considered native varieties that give a unique and exclusive taste to these olive oils. Besides this Nevadillo Negro is one of the olive variety with more polyphenols what gives to the oil a special burning and bitterness taste, excellent characteristic against the oxidation.