At Azzayt, the most rigorous processes are supervised by laboratories and experts who carry out chemical and organoleptic analysis of the oils. We ensure the traceability and the quality of our products from the earth to the bottle.

Working with 5 continents and many professional companies over the world resulted in us obtaining the most comprehensive and demanding international food quality certifications:

China Organic Agriculture Certification
allows the marketing of its organic products in China, according to Chinese Regulation on Organic Agriculture GB/T19630-2011.
USDA Organic certification

guarantees that a product has been verified as organic, as it meets the strict federal regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for organic.

JAS certification
that certifies compliance with the regulations for the commercialization of organic products in Japan.
Halal Certification
ensures that a specific product or service satisfactorily meets the requirements set by Islamic Law.
Certification of packaging production with recyclable materials.
V-Label certificate
It is the seal that ensures that a product is effectively vegan or vegetarian, and this certificate cannot be freely included by any company, but rather requires following a serious and rigorous accreditation process.

Creación de Empleo

Es el sistema de certificación que verifica el control de calidad de los alimentos según las normativa bíblica y talmúdica judía. Esta norma está especialmente enfocada a aquellos consumidores judíos de aceite de oliva.

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